Integrative Counselling

Integrative Counselling has evolved from the belief that no single model of counselling is able to provide for the immense complexity of each individual human being. Integrative Counselling enables a counsellor to draw on a variety of models of counselling to suit the client’s needs. Individuals think, feel and react in different ways. By integrating different ways of helping people bring about change in their lives, an Integrative Counsellor can work with each client to produce a unique therapy adapted to suit what that client wants and needs.

An Integrative Counsellor will:

  • Examine the client’s experience and apply the appropriate theory and technique to suit them therapeutically
  • Work with the client to build a personal counselling program
  • Respond personally, effectively and with flexibility to the client’s whole experience
  • Draw on a variety of theories and techniques
  • Provide clients with ‘homework’ and worksheets, where helpful, to effect change

An Integrative Counsellor recognises and values the knowledge, skills and insight from all main models of counselling.

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